Carpet Cleaning With The Rotovac360

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Carpet Cleaning with The Rotovac 360

In this short video you will see a heavily soiled carpet being cleaned with a Rotovac360. What is a Rotovac360? Well, the Rotovac is a Power Cleaning attachment that is used instead of a wand and allows the carpet cleaner to make many many more cleaning passes per minute compared to a “normal carpet cleaning wand.”

What can the RV360 Do That A Wand Cannot Do?

The main benefit to using a carpet cleaning company that uses the RV360 is that in almost all cases, especially if the cleaner is good to begin with, the use of the RV360 simply allows the cleaner to give you better results. Think about this: the wand can maybe make about 30 cleaning passes a minute, in a straight forward and straight back motion, and that is if the person doing the cleaning can maintain that pace.

We have never met a cleaner that could maintain that pace and using a wand to make 30 cleaning passes a minute is actually NOT a good idea! Why? Because it would mean the carpet cleaner is moving too fast and therefore the cleaning results would be poor.

The RV360 can make up to 600 cleaning passes a minute!

Yes, you read that right. The RV360 can not only make many more separate cleaning passes a minute but it also cleans the fibers from every angle. Not just forward and back. The ability to make this many cleaning passes a minute gives you results like you see in the video above.

There is no way physically a cleaner using a wand can make that many cleaning passes. And because the RV360 does most of the work for the cleaner there is no fatigue involved, or very little. What you get is just really clean carpets!


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